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Warsaw 1943
(I Never Betrayed The Revolution)

Cruel Crazy Beautiful Word





(The betrayers, the betrayers will sell our land, our land)
He was taken in the night
They came without any warning
No time to hide or fight
They came like bees aswarming
The questions start to fly
Will he break or will he defy?
Can he withstand the worst that is to come?
A child in a man's clothing
Resisting the fascist' ploy
The underground puts iron in the heart of any boy
Swimming in a sea of pain, he knows this is the end
He hears himself whisper the name of his best friend
I never betrayed you, and I never betrayed the revolution
I just didn't want to die alone, I needed you to see me home
And if I could save you, and if I could find a solution
I would die a thousand times, to get you out of here
Sharing the same cold cell
Betrayer and betrayed
An island with two frightened castaways
Not a word is spoken,
How can he explain?
Through swollen eyes they watch the dawn's first rays
It's all over now
They stand backs to the wall
Waiting for the fascist's sword to fall
In the desperation of a young life about to end
He turns before the bullet
And forgives a friend

Comments : (By Johnny Clegg)
Inspired by the writtings of Czeslaw Milosz, this song is about friendship that survives the ultimate betrayal. There is much we still need to understand and remember from those who died as well as from those who survived the fascist and stalinist terror.

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