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Rolling Ocean

Cruel Crazy Beautiful Word





You are the rolling ocean
You are the mighty sea
You are the breath that brings each new day to me
You are what you are, you are
You be what you are, you be what you are
Some came to conquer
Some came to understand
Some came to live their lives as best they can
Me, I looked up at the stars to find my way
But I was young and I got them mixed up
And so forgot my name
As I tried to remember you were standing next to me
While other came seeking power
You, you had come to set them free
Women of salt and earth
They tell the same story
They saw you walking wounded
Wearing rags of glory
And when you rejoiced they saw you smiling at your rejoicing
When you wept they saw you smiling at your weeping
When you smiled they saw you smiling at your smiling
And you said "That's the way I've survived these years of dust and
Suffer little children
Suffer sister, brother too
Suffer mother, father
That's all the world can promise you
In our hearts we feel it
A mighty dream is coming true
Hold on and we'll dream it
Keep it up we're going to push it through
Don't give it up, don't give it up

Comments : (By Johnny Clegg)
The long term hope for South Africa is not in ils politics but in its people - their character, their dreams, their peculiar multi-cultural idiosyncracies and the fact that in spite of all that untolds around them, they exude a raw energy and resiliance that is astonishing. They have discovered unique ways of maintening their humanity and sense of humour in times of brutal darkness. This song is for them and they are the reason why I will always come home.

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography