Paroles / Lyrics

Touch The Sun

One Life




Sitting in her bed
But inside her head
She can see all the colours of the sun

She travels time and space
To when the world was young
She’s taking notes on the run
She sees the faces
And tries to fit the names
Understanding strange moments in the game

She knows that if you look back in anger
You will never be free
She’s going home and I hear her singing to me

Who can touch us
For we can hold the sun even with our bare hands
Will I really touch the sun?
Will I really be the one?
The fire in flame that colours in your name
Holding out my hands
A shiny yellow band
Burns away the pain
Dries out the rain

In the darkness she recalls all that was said
And the years she spent looking for love
´Mama! did you see me fall?
´Brother! did you hear my call?
´People! can you see the race I have run?
Time is not her own, and she feels it in her bones
There’s a strange hand tugging at her soul
Closing her eyes she’s a young girl dancing free
And she hears an old song as she slides into a dream


- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography