Paroles / Lyrics

Hidden Away Down

One Life




Clear summer day
You became the prey
You gave your best defense
Your smile was just pretense
You want to shout, nothing comes out
A shadow blocks the sun
Where does that day live where part of you did drown?

Hidden away down
Hidden away down deep inside
Didnít the day drown?
Didnít the day drown in the night?
You running away now
You running away till the morning light
A criminal take-down
A criminal take-down with no fight

Pretend confidence
Keep the beast at bay
Like a fugitive
Itís you yourself you blame
Sparrow sings the morning in
You feel the light of day
Can the promise of redemption reach that place?


The world breaks everyone
And afterwards you will find some
Stronger in their broken parts
In the wild mountain of their hearts
Love can mend a broken soul
But who can trust a heart not whole
Waiting for the wounds to close
In that dark place


- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography