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Daughter Of Eden

One Life




She’s the daughter of eden
She’s sister of hope
She’s the mother freedom
She’s the lover I know

She laughs and she jokes
She drinks and she smokes
And she tells it like is
Cause her mind is an arrow
She can’t help herself
It’s the truth’s magnetic pull
It’s the eye of the bull
And it makes you think
While you bleed
What do you really believe?

When the chips are down
Its people who count
And she fights for those
Whose voices are drowned
Whose voices are drowned


And she looks at the world
Through the eyes in her heart
But the picture gets blurred
‘cause she feels every part
and she turns your head
cause she’s got great legs!
And walks on the earth
Like its child from birth

Oh.. the natural power!
And the hips that sway!
She’s the daughter of eden
Till the End of Days
Till the End of Days

Comments : (By Johnny Clegg)
A song for the Godess, for the female principle and for the life affirming power of the feminine which doesn’t need the masculine to define it. This power includes both aspects, the dark and the light.

- In My African Dream -
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