Paroles / Lyrics


One Life




White stone hidden in the ground
Gonna take a life before itís found
INDLELA YASE - CONGO (the Congo way)
Tribesman from jungle town
Heís heading down to the digging mound
Young man in the sun , dig for diamonds everyone!
Soldiers in camouflage , drinking and playing cards

UBANI ONGAKHOMBA - NJE? (who can show me ?)
UBANI ONGASIZA, MADODA, (who can help me ?)
INDLELA EYASE - CONGO, NGIYA YASE CONGO (the way to the Congo, I am going to the Congo)

Life pulsing with such hope , we digging down in the river slope
Shiny stone set me free , Iíll go home a Big Daddy
Freedom is food to eat , good strong boots upon your feet
Can you sneak a small stone by a waiting soldierís hungry eye?


- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography