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Sky People

Universal Men





Zulu stuff that I can't begin to make out enough of to put in, sob!
Where did the time time time go
My old eyes can hardly see
The green fields leaving me behind
I work the earth and turn the clay
With a strong heart and steady hand
Seasons wheeled across the sky
I turned around and found that I was old
Trembling heart, body cold
Wind and rain take their toll
Perhaps the morning brings a sweet surprise
A new summer will be born
A new hope in the dawn
A honey season, birds and bees
Singing humming harmony
The old ones gone before
Weep for those they left behind
Their tears fall to rinse and wash the earth
The heavens thunder everywhere
When the ancients dance upon the air
Armies march across the sky
Who knows if they ever will return I have dreamed of my colored cattle in the hills
Of shields in fields of yellow and brown
The drums of Zambezi speak
They roll across the great divide
My future has been written in the sky
Smiling spear with teeth of white
Give me strength to face the night
Ancient song, bless my life
Sing me through to see the morning light

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography