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Gunship Ghetto

Work For All





Gunship ghetto - Steeleye stiletto
Feather pillow dream
Crazy boy your sister's crying
Tell me where the hell have you been
Border order prison warder
Mortar bomb daughter scream
Gunship ghetto - Steeleye stiletto
Mama it was kill or be killed

I知 going away to where history won't reach me
To where time stands still
I need to find some peace of mind
And if you let me in I probably will

Speak to the sky, there's no reply
Just the endless empty blue
While deep in the night, there is a fight
And a struggle that rages within the heart

Hamba madoda! Aya hamba madoda (March away men - the men are marching away)
Sodibana pambiliyo sodibana phambili yo! (We will meet up ahead)

Paper holder holds a soldier
Not yet born to be
But six months older he値l be much bolder
See things he's never seen
I need freedom just like the next one
But sometimes it doesn稚 do
舛ause I need you to be there
When I知 troubled
I need to see this thing through with you

Behind the barrel of a gun, love and friendship can become
Just another point of view
The battle is won but my heart overcome
Cause what is lost is part of you

Hamba madoda - Aya hamba madoda (March away men - the men are marching away>
I知 just marching away - Just marching away
What do you say - I知 just marching away
Sebehambile hambile (They have all gone, all gone)
Sebehambile hambile
Umhlaba unzima sodibana phambili yo! (The world is a difficult place - We shall meet up ahead)
Umhlaba unzima sodibana phambili yo!

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography