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Andy's page - The old site created by the Juluka guitarist : Andy Innes
Andy's blog - Blog of Andy Innes the Johnny Clegg guitarist
Barry's blog - Blog of Barry Van Zyl the Johnny Clegg dummer
Dan's blog - Blog of Dan Shout the Johnny Clegg saxophonist and keyboards player
Brendan's blog - Blog of Brendan Ross the old Johnny Clegg saxophonist and keyboards player - Condord N'Kabinde site, the old Johnny Clegg's bassist - Site de Jesse Clegg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Fans site - Su Mrozinski site group infos, pictures and links...
Johnny Clegg - Lot of pictures and more...
South Africa's Rock Legend : Johnny Clegg "The white Zulu"
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Johnny Clegg and Juluka
Johnny Clegg Visits Dartmouth - Pictures and more...
The termite's page - Lot of pictures of Juluka live.
Discogs - Many information and pictures
La Force Zulu - A book (Blog) talking about Johnny
Pascal Thiebaut's site - Pictures from Conflans Ste Honorine 2009
Olivier Hudner's site - The Oliver's site group a lot of beautiful pictures
Johnny Clegg at The Forum - Pictures from London 2010
Johnny Clegg Concert Setlists & Tour Dates - The reference of live setlists...
Johnny Clegg unofficial FaceBook page - FaceBook in French manage by Mélanie...

Online Videos

My Top 10 at 10: My Life in Music (YouTube)
2011 Human Tour (YouTube) a nice video realised by Dan Shout, the sax player in Clegg band
An interview (+ 4 videos below) recorded during the "Bing Lounge" at the KINK.FM radio
  - Scatterlings of Africa
  - Great Heart
  - Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World
  - All I've Got is You
An interview get from
Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu aka "JULUKA" from
MONTREALJAZZFEST.TV (Video, pictures, and more...)
ARTE.TV (Interview)
France2 (Interview + Song)
AOL Video
Daily Motion
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA)
Asilazi playlist: Videos from Avignon concert 2009
Videos from Bézier concert 2010 realized by Lüne (visit also :
An interview get from Eyewitness News
A Johnny's speech at University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
Live July 2014 at Arles (France)  


ABC - Johnny Clegg doing his cross-cultural music way before Paul Simon (An interview to download) Interview : Johnny Clegg - White Zulu Interview : Johnny Clegg

- Tablatures available on this site : Great Heart (To access to a local copy, click here)
- Tablatures available on this site : Dela (To access to a local copy, click here)
- Tablatures available on this site : Impi (To access to a local copy, click here)

- Ringtones available on this site : Asimbonanga, Cruel Crazy Beautiful World, Scatterlings Of Africa

Various - Zulu/English - English/Zulu online dictionnary - Canadian group - A general world music site

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography