Johnny Clegg & Savuka EP

Nom :Yves Delabeye
Comment : Album excellent qui rappel les premier début de Savuka surtout avec les chansons "Asimbonanga" et "Giyani" reprise plus tard mais les chansons "Shadile" et "Hello Bye Bye" n'ont pas été reprise (génial quand même).

Pour ceux qui veulent le trouver rdv sur

Nom :Ian Thomson
Comment : I bought this album at one of his local South African concerts at the Baxter in Cape Town when he was launching Savuka. They played in a small theatre and the accoustics made the hair on your back stand up it was so clear. All the tracks from this album have been re-released onto other CD's although not all together.

Nom :PJ Budler
Comment : Another Album I would love to have but can't get hold of... I am certain if Johnny Clegg Rereleased this album and his solo version of third world child... they would sell extremely well... i mean i'd pay anything for them

Nom :umanqoba
Comment : je l'ais paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!!!
mais ou le trouve t'on?????????

Nom : Ken McGregor
Comment : Just a few details of this great ep.It was released in 1986 by the ccp record co. The lable was Bullet, and it was marketed by Gamma Records. Minc(o) 4051461. I was lucky to find this Ep when I was in Africa in 1986, it's fantastic.

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