(US version)

Nom : Yves Delabeye
Comment : Je viens de recevoir cette version US de Scatterlings, elle est géniale hors je trouve domage qu'il ait regroupé "IJWANASIBEKI et UMBAQANGA MUSIC" pour enlevé "MAD DOG" qui figure sur les versions de 82 et 83 d'origine. Génial quand même cette version est aussi interressente que les 2 autres.

Nom : kevin harney
Comment : loved this album for it's not synth quality and up lifting music we miss you touring in the states i haven't seen you live scince you were at liberty lunch about 1990 i hope you do return i would be happy to lend you my stage a very cool veiw from the edge of a cliff but....probably to small for your needs if you do come thrugh we would be honnered to feed you all you can see your stage @ thanks for the music the joyfull noise it's hard to listen to and stay pissed at the world a fan since i had to get your albums from a canadian friend i the late seventys thanks kevin

Nom : Andy Williams
Comment : I owned a copy of this album in 80's. I cannot remember the exact year, but it was around 1985. Up to that point, the musical influence I had was fairly limited. It opened my eyes to the wide range of music in the world. It still is a valuable part of my collection.

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography