Musa Ukungilandela

Nom : chri maillet
Comment : l'album de la revelation , pour moi , celui qui ma fait decouvrir le groupe , par la suite concert , superbe album ,a metre entre toutes les oreilles de 5 a 99 ans

Nom : michel
Comment : comment faire pour avoir cet album qui de loin le meilleur de tous les albums

Il est disponible en téléchargement là => Virgin Megastore

Nom : michel faye
Comment : cet album représente ce qui a de meilleur
au monde voila 5ans que je recherche cet album maintenant comment je peut faire pour l'avoir en cd ou en mp3
aider moi à avoir cet album voici mes coordonnées ou

Nom : nyny
Comment : trop beau il ne reste oplus quà fremer les yeux et on y est; pure merveille jai adoré dès la première écoute un son nouveau comme on lavait jamais entendu avant

Nom : Mamory / Madagascar
Comment : One of first one and more beautiful album of Johnny Clegg / Juluka. Try to listen it like 'Zodwa ', it' s a pure zulu rhythm.

Nom : Benjamin
Comment : Good site!

Nom : Fabien
Comment : le "rock zoulou" de Juluka ? C'est cet album "Musa Ukungilandela". A avoir impérativement.

Nom : umanqoba
Comment : le dernier album d'une formidable aventure musicale! tout en zoulou , ideal pour les puristes. des chansons telles Ibhola lethu resteront dans les memoires. hamba kahle Juluka !

Nom : M. Thomas
Comment : As an American, I can say that after reading many of the translations, these personal problems do translate some times. One song they sing about sibling rivalry, and it is very clear, even here.

Nom : Lerato Ledwaba
Comment : Anybody living outside South Africa might find it hard to understand traditional Zulu lyrics. For example the song 'Zodwa' where Sipho complains about Zodwa finishing his money. These are everyday situations faced by Africans but are never expressed in music because South African artists are afraid that the audience will not take their lyrics seriously, but Johnny and Sipho managed to use them effectively so that the world can understand another life which it thought never existed. This is a perfect album for poeple who love rhythm, beat, melody and amazing realities of African life expressed through humorous lyrics at times, but true.

Nom : Hloni
Comment : This is a true traditional South African music. For the first time traditional music was respected because in South Africa traditional was always taken for granted. Nobody thought that keyboards were approariate for traditional music but Johnny and Sipho managed to break the stereotypical-beariers and combine a work of art in the music of tradition. Listen to the songs 'Ngeke', 'Thoko' and Mama Shabalala. It is songs like these that remind us of the real South Africa and where we come from.

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography