They perform a J. Clegg's song
I Believe in Love Again
Lori Ruso performs "Great Heart" et "Rolling Ocean"
Giovanni Mirabassi performs "Asimbonanga"
Hot Water
Jimmy Buffett performs "Great Heart"
Joan Baez performs "Asimbonanga"
Montage 2
Shirley Kwan performs "Dela" in cantonese
32 Top Selects
Shirley Kwan performs "Dela" in cantonese
Out Of Africa
Helmut Lotti performs "Asimbonanga"
Seán Keane performs "The Crossing (Osiyeza)"
King Of My World
Sam Bush performs "Spirit Is The Journey"
Soweto Gospel Choir performs "Asimbonanga"
The Beautiful Girls performs "Dela"
Few artists perform Johnny Clegg's songs
Mon pays c'est la terre
Hélène Ségara performs "Asimbonanga" renamed "La paix nous vient de toi" (Note : The lyrics are very different of the original version)
Guz Hits
TKZee performs a special version of "Ibola Lethu"

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography