A découvrir / To discover

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Titres / Tracks
1. Asante
2. Nouvelles directions
3. Interlude #1
4. Shadow of the patriarch
5. Interlude #2
6. Josee
7. African woman
8. Mama yake na Sofia
9. Mandela dancing
10. Sister celeste
11. Interlude #3
12. Rhythm of the night
13. None is too many
14. Interlude #4
15. Sad eyed man
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Titres / Tracks
1. Musique du monde
2. Pilipili
3. Shaker
4. Soko moko
5. Rhythm stick
6. Ça c'est ma blonde
7. Tusherehekee
8. Open for business
9. Losing you
10. Tubarao
11. Discovering Africa
12. Mziki wa dunia

Jesse Clegg
When I Wake Up
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Titres / Tracks
1. End of the rainbow
2. Heartbreak street
3. Around here
4. Girl lost in the city
5. Walking with ghosts
6. When i wake up
7. Today
8. All ends well
9. Break the drone
10. Face value
11. Everybody's going to war

Mandisa Dlanga
The Dawn
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Titres / Tracks
1. Isesheli
2. Ngikhanyisele
3. Mninimzi
4. Mntanami
5. Amasela
6. Wemzali
7. Sabela
8. Sengiyahamba
9. Ngizokulinda
10. Hlala Nami

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Titres / Tracks
1. Nelson Mandela (Incl. "Salute" dance)
2. Ta La Li La Le
3. The Man Who Stole The Sun
4. Joburg
5. Shosholoza
6. Egoli, City Of Gold
7. Joburg (Reprise)
8. Sibiziwe ("party song")
9. Amazinyo Amphlophe
10. Singing Through The Mountains
11. I'm Too Sexy
12. Mabele
13. Bump Jive
14. Uqhuba Isisu
15. Dronkie
16. Train
17. Nelson Mandela (Reprise) & Water Dance (Omm Ohh La La)
18. Hiyo! Hiyo!
19. The Closing Of The Mine ("Ukuvalwa Kwe Mine")
20. Asikhathali ("We Don't get Tired")
21. Wait! Waitee!
22. Ma-Gumede

Life Is For Living
Titres / Tracks
1. Weh Nduna
2. Azania
3. Life is for living
4. Ingalile
5. The end is near
6. Friday night
7. Shikwemba
8. Zulu man
9. Thembi
10. Bayeza

Mango Groove
Mango Groove
Titres / Tracks
1. Hellfire
2. Dance Sum More
3. Love Is
4. Under A Lover's Moon
5. Special Star
6. Too Many Tears
7. Pennywhistle
8. Move Up
9. Two Hearts
10. Lalissa
11. Harder
Another Country
Titres / Tracks
1. Nice To See You
2. Keep On Dancing
3. Follow My Mind
4. We Don't Need A Miracle
5. Shake!
6. Another Country
7. Kindest Part Of Love
8. Sometimes
9. Tropical Rain
10. Sweet Sorrow
11. A New Kind Of Love
12. Love Will Find A Way
13. Dream Softly
Eat A Mango
Titres / Tracks
1. Eat A Mango
2. No Problem
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
4. New World (Beneath Our Feet)
5. Right Time
6. Gone Too Soon
7. Only Love
8. Place In My Heart
9. Hong Kong
10. Place In The Sun
Titres / Tracks
1. Tsa-Oo!
2. Hometalk
3. Do You Dream Of Me?
4. Moments Away
5. Marabi Party
6. Island Boy
7. Shoo-Roop!
8. Uzonigikhulula
9. Trouble Tonight
10. Taken For A Moment
11. We Are Waiting
The Best Of
Titres / Tracks
1. Special Star
2. Dance Sum More
3. Hellfire
4. Pennywhistle
5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
6. Shoo-roop!
7. Another Country
8. Move Up
9. Too Many Tears
10. Island Boy
11. Hometalk
12. Lalissa
13. Tsa-oo!
14. Nice To See You
15. Marabi Party
16. Moments Away
17. Love Is
18. Tom Hark
19. Two Hearts
20. Eat A Mango

Condord N'Kabinde
The Time, The Season
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Titres / Tracks
1. Peace On The Wind (The Opening)
2. U Make Me F
3. Hola (The Hello Song)
4. Vuka Uzenzele (Hint Song)
5. Calypsoweto
6. Uhamb' Ubhekephi
7. Ngizw' Ingoma
8. No Seed, No Life
9. Canciones De Amor
10. Vuka Uzenzele (Don't Wait For Tomorrow)
11. Sittin' On Top Of The World
12. Africa (Ithemba Lethu)
13. Let The Walls Fall Down
14. Peace On The Wind (The Closure)
This Is My World
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Titres / Tracks
1. Ko Hae/Hayani (Homeward Bound)
2. Afrika (My Heart My Soul)
3. My Paradise (Indawo Yami Yokuphumula)
4. Umoya Wami (My Soul It Is Well)
5. Song Of Forgiveness 6. Are You Ready For The Main Course
7. Yes We Are Ready For The Main Course
8. Truly Truly Truly (Ngizowel' Imifula)
9. Emzansi (Time To Sing Our Song)
10. What Goes Around Come Around
11. Cul'ingoma Afrika (Let Your Voice Ring)
12. Esta Noche/Lobubusuku
13. Siyakuding 'isizwe
14. ILanga (The Sun The Day)
15. He-Zo-We- means I love you
16. Anginanto Esandleni (This Is My Heart & My Soul)
17. The Declaration: This Is My WorldCalypsoweto

Paul Simon
Titres / Tracks
1. The Boy In The Buble
2. Graceland
3. I Know What I Know
4. Gumboots
5. Diamonts On The Soles Of Her Shoes
6. You Can Call Me Al
7. Under African Skies
8. Homeless
9. Crazy Love Vol. II
10. That Was Your Mother
11. All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints

Sipho Mchunu Nama Bhubesi
Umhlaba Uzobuya
Titres / Tracks
1. Amanga Bantu
2. Umhlaba Uzoboya
3. Ziyajola
4. Sobabambha
5. Amathunzi Amnyma
6. Jomane
7. Imbombela
8. Dumazile
9. Ngizoshonaphi
10. Bekezela

Yithi Esavimba

Ecrit au dos du disque / Written on back-cover :

This album marks the return of SIPHO MCHUNU to a musical career that began in 1970. Prior to being involved in the historic "JULUKA" musical project, SIPHO and myself recorded 4 singles under the name "JOHNNY AND SIPHO" and Sipho was also involved in recording earlier than this with famous zulu street musicians like the legendary "PHUZU'SHUKELA". In april 1985, SIPHO returned to his traditional tribal way of life and with the profits from the JULUKA experience, he built two schools for his community as well as trying to implement agricultural reforms in his valley. A year later, in 1986, a tribal war destroyed all his property and left his valley in devastation. But like a phoenix, SIPHO has risen and his heart carries no bitterness.

Many of songs, on the presnt album, deal with background in a very poetic and beautiful way. This album is also unique not only because it is an account of his experiences but, musically, it is a ground breaking experiment. SIPHO has adapted traditional danse rythms into an exceptional blend by harnessing western music technologiy to the demands of ZULU tradition. For me, this album has brought SIPHO back to where he belongs, to the cutting edge of NEO TRADITIONAL african music. And it gives me great pleasure to say : "MY BROTHER IS BACK".

                    Johnny Clegg / May 1989

Cet album marque le retour de SIPHO MCHUNU à la carrière de musicien qu'il commença en 1970. Avant de s'engager dans l'aventure "JULUKA", SIPHO et moi-même avions produit 4 titres sous le nom de "JOHNNY AND SIPHO". Lui-même avait déjà enregistré, un peu plus tôt, avec de célèbres musiciens de rue, comme le légendaire "PHUZU' SHUKELE". En avril 1985, SIPHO retourna à la vie traditionnelle et, avec les bénéfices laissés par l'expérience JULUKA, il fit construire deux écoles pour sa communauté et tenta de transformer la vie agricole de sa vallée. Un an plus tard, en 1986, une guerre tribale anéantissait ses biens et dévastait son village. Mais, pareil au phoenix, SIPHO s'est relevé, sans même une trace d'amertume dans le coeur.

Les chansons de cet album racontent toutes ces histoires sous un jour poétique, SIPHO y croise les rythmes traditionnels joués à la concertina et à la guitare avec ceux de la danse, pour en tirer un mélange exceptionnel, en mettant au service de la musique ZOULOU la technologie occidentale. Ce qui fait de ce disque une expérience musicale unique. Pour moi, cet album ramène SIPHO à la pointe de la musique africaine "NEO-TRADITIONNELLE", sa vraie place. Et tout cela me procure l'immense plaisir de pouvoir dire : "MON FRERE EST DE RETOUR".
                    Johnny Clegg / Mai 1989
Titres / Tracks
1. Ingoma Siyayishaya
2. Amaphika'nkam
3. Bagijima Okhalweni
4. Safika Emhlabeni
5. Ngizotshela Induna
6. Nomusa
7. Isono Sami
8. Dlomo
9. Khulikhuni
10. Hamba Mfana

Barry Van Zyl
African Heat Beat
Titres / Tracks
1. Adderly Straat
2. Khawuleza
3. Torreldaif
4. Zintathu
5. Sotho Raindrops
6. Quite Oh!
7. Florence Sifingo
8. Limpopo Heartbeat
9. Sugar Cane Maskanda
10. Izinsizwa
Woza Moya
Titres / Tracks
1. Kant'unjani ?
2. Take a chance
3. Totsie taal
4. Waiting for the winds
5. Giving it up for your love
6. Desperado

- In My African Dream -
The Johnny Clegg Discography